Hope not Hate

I didn’t know what to expect from this ( not sandwiches or coffee, though they were plentiful Perhaps because the event was sponsored by ASLEF and we all have fond memories of BR sandwiches.) I like Kevin Maguire associate EDitor of the Mirror, and although I don’t buy the paper I like their clear messages and their support of the party. The word went out that the queue to get into this very small room, was stretching back to the foyer of the The Hilton Hotel so again we moved en masse to a conference hall which ws pretty much filled. I think that this was indicative of the concern amongst Labour activists not the spread of sandwiches. The sub title of the session was: does UKIP present a threat to Labour? Probably not at the ballot, though there was evidence from the floor of Labour members who had defected. Rather, as the MEP Glenys Wilmott said, the UKIp party was moving the Country’s Agenda to the Right. Kevin gave the stats of how many papers were owned by non elected foreign ownership and were happy to give Nigel Farage space. And he also noted that JUstine Greening who was tending an event when Farage ws present, introduced herself to him. Why unless she was courting his party? Our concern was therefore to get the electorate out in 2014 to ensure Labour win in the EUropean elections to stop this country moving further to the right. we of course have NIck Griffin representing the NOrth West so our need is great. But it would be ironic if he were ousted and some right wing UKIP with flawed policies and more scary, with an agenda that takes the UK even further to the right, became our representative in EUrope. The idea makes me feel quite queasy.

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