After the ball is over…….

But whatever happens after the Scottish Referendum ball, one thing is clear, it has shaken things up for the whole of the UK.

It has shown that there can be an 85% turn out of electorate, and that they can and want to be engaged in politics.

Both the ‘Yes’ and ‘Better Together’ campaigners were out on the streets proclaiming their policies. I didn’t hear the words – ‘they’re all the same’, mentioned once by any of the media.

So what now?

Yet again Cameron has naively  bumbled on, this time rushing out promises of Constitutional change that he cannot deliver by Christmas.

Yet again, Ed Miliband has taken the lead, saying that the Scottish reforms must be separate from English Welsh and N Ireland Constitutional changes. And these Constitutional Changes must be well thought out.

Meanwhile, we should be out on the streets of Macclesfield NOW,  listening to the Electorate and marshalling our own 85% turnout.

All together now….

And I would walk five hundred miles
And I would walk five hundred more
Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

…………..with a Labour Party leaflet



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