The Race to the Top

Well done Ed! What a storming speech The wait outside the Conference doors was worth it and my goodness we did wait … Outside lined up on the stairs. Although I have been occupying the same numbered seat, and as a delegate, was told that it would still be mine for the leaders speech, we were also warned that were we not in it by 2-00 pm it would be given to a visitor. So the queue to beat the clock began at noon, with delegates picnicking precariously.
Once inside the Hall it was star gazing time again: Eddie Izard, Steve Coogan, The Kinnocks, Ken Livingstone my new best friends Dennis Skinner and his wife and of course the fabulous shadow cabinet. I recognised many of the faces that were ranged behind Ed, some of them delegates who had spoken in debates earlier in the week.
I know that standing ovations are traditional at political rallies but the policies were genuinely surprising and overwhelmingly approved. Wrap around child care ; the abolition of the ‘ bedroom Tax’ Health and Welfare reform – you now know the list that we will take to the doorstep.
But the big surprise was the Energy Freeze. More of that later.
Off next to the Huff Post debate with Tessa Jowell, Medi Hussain, Sadiq Khan Ken Livingstone Isabel Hardman and Owen Jones. The title of the seminar was ‘ Ed or Dead’ and the journalists were asked how they rated the speech. they gave it fulsome praise. All the panelist were on good form.HuffingtonPost
But remember the main aim of conference for some was where to get food. My fellow NW delegates fancied the NUT fish and chip supper but it was ticket only and we didn’t have one. So we ended up peeping into rooms where seminars had finished and there were left-overs. I found myself with a plate of sandwiches liberated from the Friends of Israel. I felt a bit bad, having signed petitions at The friends of Palestine and I was seated outside the reception for the Arab League: a sort of gastronomic Middle East Bingo!

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