Conference Lite

I am in the FUjitsu Room (plug) at the Conference Centre, where we are offered free wifi, free charging and free computer access, so I write and publish my blog: a sign of how digital political life has become.THere are TV screens where I can keep an eye on what,s going on in the Hall. Before settling down here, I went for a wander around the various stalls, starting at NAS/UWT my old Union. Although I have always tried to keep up with what has been going on in the teaching profession, and in Eduction generally: mainly through the media, colleagues still teaching, and of course my own experience through grandchildren, I hadn’t realised quite how dire the teaching contracts had become. Of course I am sympathetic to my friends pay and conditions and pension rights, but the impact that this will have on the schools had not really hit home. We are seeing the fragmentation of Education Nationally and of course locally. Very soon Macclesfield will have only one Local AUthority school. Consider the impact when pupils from outside the area take up the places and the Local AUthority can not provide enough schools. Not likely? I wouldn’t bet on it.
Soon I have a date with Alastair CAmpbell on WAterstones stall 73 where he will be signing his book. THats where the digital age lets me down: he can’t sign my copy as its on my kindle.
Off now to hear Douglas Alexander in the Hall.

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