One Direction

Things could only get better was our anthem – and for Tony, , Brian Cox and the Country they did. So maybe with boy band One Direction riding high we should reflect on that. Not that I am at all familiar with their songs but if there were one about the amateur way Cameron is running his team of misfits, that would be a bonus for this blog. So moving in one direction, towards London on the high speed Pendolino train and onwards to Conference in Brighton, there’s time for reflection.

Im sureyou know that I once met Ed Miliband on a Virgin train: he was in my seat! More accurately, his entourage were occupying the three seats reserved for myself and two noisy grandchildren. He offered to move but I was so thrilled to meet him and more thrilled that he was travelinge in Standard Class that I insisted he stay put. Remember the explanation. given by Nicholas WintertonMP who justified his more expensive choice of first class travel when he said – and I quote Wikipedia, where his other interesting Parliamentary activities are listed. He said People who travel in Standard Class were “a totally different type of people” Yes, they’re called the electorate Nick!

But back to Ed: what a nice man. Charming amusing engaging and wanting to do the right thing taking us together in one direction. If I have the tiniest complaint, it is that his media presence doesnt bang home the achievements of the previous Government

Nor does he clearly lay the global financial chaos where it belongs, starting with Lehman Brothers shocking criminal behaviour. Cameron on the other hand has a media presence that would win him t he Apprentice, X Factor and Im a celebrity…It’s the image not the lyrics that appeal to the electorate: His upper clarse, born to rule arrogant persona and yes he is related to the Queen (thanks again Wkipedia)

No longer D’Ream and a boy band but One Nation, One Direction Miliband

Next stop Brighton!

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  1. joefis83 says:

    Great blog. Good luck at the conference

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